Hi my name is Mark Roberts and I am a woodworker. I soon realised that the quality of modern machines was pretty poor. 

After trying some wood turning on a cheap lathe I soon realised how rubbish modern machinery was. The first cast iron machine I bought was a little union jubilee lathe. You could tell the quality but I wanted bigger and better. 

I found a long bed Wadkin RS. This was my first Wadkin machine and I was hooked. I restored it to the best of my ability at the time but then I found Jack Forsbergs RS online. His restorations are at a whole new level to what I thought was possible.

It was then I realised I had been infected by the disease that I later found out to be Wadkinitis.

This little site has been created with the help and inspiration from people like Funman, Camo, Matt Matt, Vann and of coarse Jack.